Doubling down with the race card and a bunch of jokers

Adam Serwer at The American Prospect points to an article by the latest person to join the “Black People Are the Real Racists” Feast of the Wingnuts, former Reagan administration political director Jeffrey Lord, who spends five pages explaining in the Alfred S. Regnery/R. Emmet Tyrell-run American Spectator that Shirley Sherrod is a liar – because, in her famous NAACP speech, she describes the beating death of a handcuffed black man at the hands of an angry mob as a lynching, when everyone knows that you can’t have a proper lynching party without a noose.

I shit you not.

He also spends some time labeling Democrats as the Real Racists, because of the preponderance of white supremacists in the southern Democratic Party of the early 1960s, and the fact that FDR had a white supremacist on his Supreme Court, “and so with great sorrow, I must conclude n****r n****r n****r!'”

Comments are also enlightening, beginning with this gem from “Ret. Marine:”

Liberalism is a mental disorder. Seems Shirley is on top of her game, the blame game that is.

True, dat.

Cynthia Tucker also weighs in on this little sidebar of l’affaire Sherrod.  Of course, the right wing trolls are not ready to let go of their ragegasm, and demand that Sherrod apologize to Andrew Breitbart and Fox News immediately.

Somewhere in an alternate universe, Democrats are publicizing articles like Lord’s and saying, “See?  If you vote the Republicans back into power so they can further the right-wing agenda, these are the kind of people who will be making decisions on your behalf.”  In this universe, of course, the Democratic leadership just sighs and complains about how Republicans (and a few asshole Democrats) are making it so hard for them to do the right thing.  Regular profiles in courage, they are.

UPDATE: Steve M. from No More Mr. Nice Blog discovers exactly what the folks at American Spectator consider lynching. Hint:  it also doesn’t involve a noose, or even physical harm to the lynchee, but it does require that the victim be a white Republican who is accused of wrongdoing, or otherwise mildly criticized or mocked.  Glad we got that cleared up.

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