Yet another douchebag rears his ugly head

Some dickhead named Matt Lewis attempts to exonerate Andrew Fucking Breitbart, with the eager assistance of Howie “Conflict of Interest” Kurtz.  Where do they find these young, entitled white assholes?  Is the Mizes Institute cloning them from what’s left of Ayn Rand’s right butt cheek? Joan Walsh applies the appropriate smackdown.

(Oh, and Matt:  while San Francisco is the center of the scary liberal universe, Netroots Nation was actually held in Las Vegas, where middle America goes to lose its shit and most of its money, this year.  And even if Ryan was at Netroots, what the fuck difference would that make?  What does it have to do with the fact that Andrew Breitbart is a racist scumbag?)

The enlightening conversation continues onto other fascinating topics (Liberal journalists call racist people racist!  Liberal journalists say liberal things to each other in private emails!) here and here.

UPDATE: Corrected above, due to the fact that I inexplicably changed Joan Walsh into somebody else named Joan Ryan.  Damn those Irish with their easily-rememberable names!

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