Someone Changed My Wife Tonight*

Courtesy of Media Matters:

See, Rush really does love LGBT people.  All that hateful rhetoric he spews about them on his radio show just enables him to make lots and lots of money, so he can pay a cool $1 million to a high-profile gay entertainer to sing at his wedding(s).  Nothing personal, you understand.  It’s just business.

*(thanks to Will Bunch for that one).

UPDATE:  I’m sure that if he was broadcasting in the 1930s and ’40s, the serially-monogamous Limbaugh would have been entertaining the dittoheads by warning about the International Jewish/Communist Conspiracy, and railing against the evils of miscegenation and the horrors of integrating the military, but he probably would have had someone like Bill “Bojangles” Robinson entertaining the guests at at least one of his weddings.

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