Saturday Night Videos

Did you know that Larry of the Three Stooges boxed professionally under the name Kid Roth?  Me neither.

In other news…

It’s the 5th anniversary of  Katrina, and the Big Easy is still recovering slowly.  In better times, Billie and Louis told us what it means to miss New Orleans…

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2 Responses to Saturday Night Videos

  1. Sharon Brown says:

    Nice nostalgia in the clips, commie, thanks. I’ve been having trouble relating to misery outside myself – not just misery, but anything – however the tribulations of New Orleans have always managed to penetrate. The thick, rich history of the place and the ease with which it was discarded leaves a monumental bad taste in my mouth.Which,in turn, adds to the acid reflux I first experienced on 12/05/2000
    (that was the date of SCOTUS ‘ Bush v. Gore ?)
    Needless to say, Big Easy didn’t fit the approved Amurican stereotype, along with the Native Americans and the middle class.

    • I’ve really enjoyed New Orleans every time I’ve been there. It had the feeling of a real, vibrant, living city, with all of the virtues and faults that you would find in such a place, and which are nonexistent in weird confections like Las Vegas or L.A.

      I hope they make it all the way back, but this article makes me wonder about the long-term viability of the place.

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