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Wish I hadn’t seen this…

It would be nice to live in a world where 1) people respected your privacy and didn’t fucking post videos of you having sex on the internet, and 2)  the gender of the person you were having sex with didn’t … Continue reading

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Short Cuts – Lost Post Edition

Well, I spent three hours working on a post on Saturday, about the so-called “Enthusiasm Gap” between Republican and Democratic voters leading up to November, and as soon as I was done – with links and everything – and tried … Continue reading

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Adoption – The Great Mind Fuck

Adoption and reunion is a mind fuck. I’ve lived in an adoption rainbow farting fog my entire life.  I assumed my adoptive parents cultural, social and historical life.  It is the only way to survive as an adoptee. First I … Continue reading

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Is this thing still on?

Apologies for the prolonged absence.  Have been dealing with the aftermath of molly’s visit to her birth mother and siblings (a very positive experience overall; I’ve been pushing her to write a post about it, which she promises to do … Continue reading

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Friday Night Videos – ’80s Edition

Been busy doing family things lately, but regularly scheduled programming should resume shortly.  Meanwhile, keep yourself busy by doing this dance…

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Right-Wing Troll Nightmare

Norman Rockwell.  Diversity.  Heads exploding. (h/t Strange Appar8tus at rumproast.)

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Sunday Night Videos

Ode to a SuperSonic.  Hey, why not?

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