Two Words That Say So Much

UPDATE:  Courtesy of Tintin at Sadly, No!, I see that media scold and Goldwater ghostwriter Brent Bozell does not like this song.  Not.  One.  Bit.  As Tintin notes, “I’ll tell you what’s desperate, Brent. Desperate is a desiccated old prude whose only job apparently is to sniff out naughty words and blog about how awful they are. Here’s a new project for you, Brent: Canterbury Tales. We can talk about how desperate Chaucer was.”

UPDATE #2:  After mining the comments at Sadly, No!, I have discovered that the history of “Fuck You” songs is much deeper and richer than I had realized.  First there is this catchy number from Harry Nilsson:

And also this one using the reflexive form, credited to Frank Zappa and Steve Vai (although it sounds nothing like Frank, and based on YouTube comments it appears that Zappa was more inspiration than collaborator):

UPDATE #3:  And, of course lest we forget:

UPDATE #4:  Jeez, there’s already a parody version:

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