Conservatards Are Weird

Via TPM, master right-wing troll Jonah Goldberg facilitates a weird conversation between two conservatives who apparently once were fuckbuddies and who now hate each other’s guts.  Hard to say what the hell is going on here, other than that both of these people are horrible human beings whose views should be disregarded by normal human beings:

Jonah’s weird nervous giggling in the background may be the creepiest thing about the video.

UPDATE:  Creepy, dweeby Republican dude doubles down on the weirdness.  You know, I knew a lot of guys like him in college – they tended to be the ones who wanted to debate you about philosophy or politics on a Saturday night, when all you wanted to do was get wasted – but they tended to stay out of the spotlight.  Now they’re everywhere in the media, and they’re getting way too much notoriety.  Go back to your caves and leave us normal people alone, please.

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