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Saturday Night Shortcuts

T minus three days and counting until I rejoin the machine and become a productive member of society once more.  In the meantime… Decisive decisionmaking:  Alberto “I don’t recall” Gonzales, aka George W. Bush’s consigliere, is writing a book, which … Continue reading

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Who Needs the Enlightenment – We All Look better in the Dark

The thing I love about the Wall Street Journal is that it boldly wears it’s pro-business, anti-humanist credentials on the outside, making no apologies for the oligarch-fluffing, poor-people-be-damned bias of it’s editorial board (which is increasingly leaking over into it’s … Continue reading

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Welcome (back) to the Machine

Starting next Tuesday, I will once again be gainfully employed.  Hence, you will be seeing even less of my sorry ass than you have lately.  I will try to compensate by writing at least one post a day for the … Continue reading

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Heckuva Job, Bushies

Digging America’s grave: Never has a single photo captured so well the banality of evil, Republican-style. Ms. Condi Rice, who failed to prevent the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil. The Deciderer, who ignored warnings about bin Laden and … Continue reading

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Take A Bow for the New Revolution

Well, what a week that was.  It started last Saturday, when I attended the San Francisco version of the Rally to Restore Sanity.  Several hundred people were there to wave ironic signs and watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert clown … Continue reading

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Waiting for the End of the World, Part Two

Life has been very hard.  I had divorced myself from my body.  I treated my body badly, I treated those I love badly, I had an overwhelming sense of disassociation from everything.  Like wrapping myself in cotton batting.   I was … Continue reading

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