Heckuva Job, Bushies

Digging America’s grave:

Never has a single photo captured so well the banality of evil, Republican-style.

Ms. Condi Rice, who failed to prevent the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil.

The Deciderer, who ignored warnings about bin Laden and focused instead on his blood-feud with Sadaam; detained and tortured people (which he gleefully admitted to) in contravention of all international norms and standards; played a fucking guitar, for chrissakes, while New Orleans drowned; and presided over the worst financial meltdown in this country’s history.  (See here for a succinct appraisal of the colossal foreign policy failures of his administration.)

The First Lady, who got her first taste of death early in life, with her frozen, Xanax-induced smile, epitomized the soullessness and lack of empathy of the typical Republican woman.

The Vice President, the oilman who fucked over America and deepened our dependence on oil by collaborating in secret with his energy industry cronies, and who, through Haliburton, fucked over the fighting men and women who were sent off to die in service of his greed.

The only one missing is Karl Rove, their fucking enabler-in-chief.  God, I hate them all.


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