Christ, not another fucking blog…



Is anyone there?

Ah hell, I might as well just keep typing.  Don’t know if anyone will read this piece of crap blog other than me, but I suppose there are worse things I could do with my time.

So – the world needs another blog like the Duggars need another kid.  Why am I doing this?  Probably because I’ve spent the last ten years or so furtively posting comments on other people’s blogs and websites, and occasionally manage to get the words just the way I want them, and am deluded into thinking that I can do the same on my own blog.  Maybe I think that people clicking the “like” button on my comments, or responding with approving comments of their own, means that they actually think I have something useful to add to the general conversation.  Or maybe I’m just an egocentric ignoramous who needs a place to spill his bile, without fear of being deleted, banned, or ridiculed.  Who knows?

I’ll give it a whirl.  I don’t aspire to be a Digby, or a Roy Edroso, or even a Jonathan Schwarz (all of who are, by the way, incredibly good bloggers who you should go read instead of wasting your time on this piece of shit), but I’ll try writing down my thoughts on Life, Love, Liberty and Lactose Intolerance in a semi-coherent fashion on a somewhat regular basis, and see what transpires.  If you like what you read, let me know.  If you don’t like it…let me know anyway, so I can call you a schmuck, delete your comment and ban you for life (nah, not really – chances are I’ll have so few readers that I’ll be begging for anyone to post whatever nastiness they want, just to prove that I’m alive).

So, here goes.  Maiden voyage into the ether.  Full speed ahead, and damn the trolls.

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3 Responses to Christ, not another fucking blog…

  1. mgpaquin says:

    Welcome to teh intarwebz! I started doing the FIFO blog reading, and finally got here. Keep it up! You’re worth reading, and bookmarked.

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