commie atheist is an ancient, misanthropic outcast of Eastern European origin, living in a hovel with his mate molly bloom and their offspring somewhere in the East Bay hills of California, and subsisting on a diet of roadkill, twigs, berries, and the blackened souls of right wing trolls and libertarians.  This blog is his way of venting on subjects he knows little about, in a manner which would cause him to be scrutinized and his name entered on watchlists, were he to do so under his real name.  He has little hope, and he will never change.

Also too.

molly bloom is a refugee from corporate America who is currently in the process of obtaining a master’s degree in Holistic Health Education.  Tired of “failing upward” in a system designed to reward the least competent but most politically-savvy at the expense of honest, hard-working but politically-inept employees, she has said goodbye to all that to pursue what she hopes is a career of helping to achieve a synthesis between traditional western medicine, that treats parts of the body as separate, unconnected entities, and complementary and alternative ways of healing, that look at the whole person.  She will be guest-blogging here occasionally on adoption rights and health issues.

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  1. This is an excellent blog, but I am biased since I agree with virtually everything I have read thus far. Thai Law and Policy can learn a great deal from this site.

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