So, Keith Olbermann has been sacked by NBC, and will no longer be on the “Sunday Night Football” pre-game show.  They say his politics had nothing to do with the decision, but I’m sure that greater wingnuttia has been jamming the switchboards and inboxes of the network with their sputtering outrage over his FOX News-bashing and disrespect of Queen Sarah.  Oh well, as much as I’ve enjoyed Keith’s sports work over the years, I’m glad he’ll now have more time to devote to his real job, which is pushing back against the right-wing bullshit that saturates the airwaves and is given either outright endorsement (by FOX) or at least undue and undeserving respect (by CNN, and the network news shows).

On Monday, Keith did a nice piece on the Arizona immigration madness, which included a great interview with Rep. Raul Grijalva.

They are all a bunch of fucking liars.  They’re not going to anything about the 14th Amendment.  And they don’t really want to do anything about this “problem” – they just want to exploit the bigoted fears of their brain-dead base.  Truly, Republicans are scum.  And if Democrats don’t follow Rep. Grijalva’s lead and call them out for their lies, then they deserve to lose Congress in November.

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