Lazy-ass Blogging: Saturday Night Short Cuts

Glad the Yankees lost, although I was hoping for a Giants-Yankees World Series.  Guess I’ll have to settle for Texas’ cinderella team getting theirs asses whupped (yeah, I know, first things first – one more win in Philly, boys).

In other news:

George Bush, Still Clueless After All These Years:  His “biggest accomplishment” was that he “kept the country safe amidst a real danger.”  Well, except for that thing on 9/11.  And as Atrios notes, there was that anthrax thing, too.  So, what was his biggest failure?  Not privatizing Social Security.


Heckuva job, Bushie, and by the way – thanks for bringing your book out right around election time, which means that excerpts will be appearing right before people vote, reminding them of what it was like having a fucking overprivileged, plutocratic Republican moron as President.

Long Dong Silver Lives!:  I don’t know what the fuck Virginia Thomas was thinking when she left that voicemail, but I guess she figured that being a Tea Party celebrity wasn’t giving her quite enough juice.  Coincidentally (or not), Thomas’ one-time girlfriend has a book coming out, in which she basically corroborates everything that Anita Hill said, and then some.

Gotta love the lede to that first Post article, by Michael Fletcher:

It is one of Washington’s enduring mysteries.

Nearly two decades after Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his fractious Supreme Court confirmation hearing, it remains unclear who was lying.

Actually, dude, it was very clear at the time that Thomas was the one who was lying (and it has since been confirmed on multiple occasions).  It was also very clear that Thomas was an undistinguished jurist who was nominated merely because he was a black conservative, and he has been an undistinguished Justice, notable mainly for his lack of intellectual curiosity and his adherence to conservative dogma.  The fact that he was also a serial sexual harasser and all-around dickhead, who was able to successfully play the race card to get confirmed to a lifetime position that he did not deserve, just proves how Republicans (see Bush, George W.) always seem able to fail upward.

Some People Will Do Anything to Use the Car Pool Lane:  This story is just plain weird, but seeing that the woman who kept driving around with her mummified friend was a real estate agent, it somehow makes much more sense.

Crocs on a Plane:  While we’re on News of the Weird, here’s a cautionary tale about the dangers of bringing ambulatory luggage aboard as a carry-on.

Juan is the Loneliest Number:  Here’s a good take on the sad fate of Fox News Token Liberal Juan Williams, who can assuage his fears of people wearing Mooslem garb by counting the $2 million that Fox will be paying him over the next three years.  Not bad for a pretend liberal; of course, that little windfall is not enough to prevent the usual phony controversy from being ginned up.  Nobody whines harder than a conservative troll who feels that he or one of his fellow trolls has been wronged.

I’ll leave you with this little blast from the past, as hippie freaks from San Francisco invade Hollywood and befuddle the studio audience and an incredibly square Don (Maxwell Smart) Adams:

UPDATE:  Added some more linkage to the High-Lair-E-Us Ginny Thomas saga; also, Andy Borowitz and Jack White(!) bring the funny.

UPDATE #2:  Hard to let the Ginny Thomas thing go.  I’m just amazed at the passive-aggressive chutzpah of this woman, who says she was “extending an olive branch” by asking Anita Hill to publicly admit to committing perjury.  I mean, I knew that conservatives were untethered to reality, but I didn’t expect such blatantly self-parodying behavior.  Naturally, the morons on the right think this is a big win-win for their side.  Take it away, TBogg…

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