If Your Recession Lasts More Than 99 weeks…

More lazy-ass blogging:  Once you get past the Viagra commercial, this 60 Minutes piece on unemployment in Silicon Valley and environs is pretty good at showing what the face of long-term unemployment looks like in this country now.  These are people who did everything they were supposed to, played by the rules, and still ended up out on the street.

I actually attended a meeting of “Job Connections,” which is shown early on in the clip; I stopped going because of the overly religious nature of the meetings (every meeting starts and ends with a prayer, and the whole thing is run by a Presbyterian minister), but I recognized several of the people shown, having met them at meetings of another “12-step group” of unemployment professionals that I’m a member of.

And yes, Scott Pelley, paying out unemployment benefits for 99 weeks or beyond is somewhat expensive.  But how much more so are the fucking pointless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (not to mention the defense budget itself, which makes up 60% of all discretionary spending), the tax breaks for multi-millionaires, and the other tax breaks and subsidies that make up all the corporate welfare that gets paid out every fucking year.  It’s a question of priorities:  do we want to spend tax dollars on people who have been out of work for two years so that they can pay their bills, or on blowing things (and people up), or on making sure that some rich asshole somewhere can afford to buy a new yacht?

At some point the powers-that-be are going to have to realize that this is not going away soon.  If the Democrats survive the election with one or both of their majorities intact (hopefully with most of the Blue Dog assholes swept away), they’re going to have to FUCKING DO SOMETHING.  And do it fast.

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2 Responses to If Your Recession Lasts More Than 99 weeks…

  1. StringonaStick says:

    I listen to (well, read actually) Krugman, and economics has always been a hobby of mine (sick, I know) but he’s been dead-on accurate for years now and I expect he’ll remain so. Unfortunately, Obama & crew don’t listen to him. Krugman said the stimulus was far too small, too much of it was tax cuts that woould do nothing at all, and by selling it to the public as the magic bullet that would drop unemployment to 8% the Obama admin basically guaranteed it would be universally and loudly proclaimed to be a failure, and in the face of that there will be zero chance of passing another stimulus bill. How prescient of him.

    Krugman has also been pointing out how well we are emulating the start of Japan’s “Lost Decade”, which started in the 1980’s and they are still in but maybe, possibly, are starting to crawl out of. So, America’s multi-decade Lost Decade is now on thanks to crazy-assed opposition from the rethugs and pussy-footing by the dems. It must be beneficial to the corporations though, otherwise we wouldn’t be here still.

    You know, I had been thinking 2 years ago that the recession/depression would be bad enough to revive general sympathy for a New, New Deal, but the Free Market uber alles propaganda is quite effective now even in the face of such a shit labor market. I now suspect that our next real chance at that kind of progressive change will come after Social Security and Medicare have been gutted, and seniors start trading tips for which brand of canned cat food has the most flavor/least gristle. I do hope tomorrow’s voting results don’t confirm every awful thing I’ve been thinking about my fellow ‘Murikans.

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