Emission Statement: or, I feel like I wouldn’t like me if I met me

I suppose this is as good a time as any to say what the hell it is I’m trying to do here (other than venting for therapeutic purposes).  This will require a little historical overview, so bear with me:

Since the first humanoids banded together for mutual protection and safety, there have always existed parasitical organisms that I will call, for the sake of brevity, right-wing trolls.  These parasites tended to attach themselves to those in positions of power and authority and acted as counselors and ass-kissers, helping rulers to feel better about the pain and suffering they inflicted on their subjects.  They have always been a small subset of any given population, but they have managed to convince a larger group of gullible fools in the general populace that they held the keys to correct living and the answers to life’s puzzling questions.

Over time these parasites managed to themselves become powerful, ruling entire nation-states, waging war on other states which did not pay appropriate tribute or who were simply deemed too dangerous to the interests of the parasite class to be allowed to live.  In their own countries, the right-wing trolls ruled by a divide-and-conquer strategy, instilling fear of the other in their subjects, encouraging the scapegoating of innocents, and hiding behind a shield of holy terror.

Closely allied with the trolls were the Libertarians.  These parasites claimed to believe in freedom, and preached that the best way to achieve freedom was to let people alone as much as possible, to do what they wanted, as long as no one else got hurt.  Of course, in practice, letting people do what they wanted with little or no restrictions caused a lot of people to get hurt, and resulted in the elevation of an elite caste which considered the common rabble a necessary evil, to be put to work running their factories, cleaning their homes, and providing them with massages and pedicures, but not given any real power, or any substantial share of the great wealth that these elites had amassed.

And so it went:  these parasitic organisms, never accounting for a very large part of the population, continued amassing wealth and power, while giving the masses just enough crumbs from the table to avoid too many popular revolutions or upheavals.  They were aided and abetted by courtiers and sycophants, especially those in the media and academia who were able to wrest larger piles of crumbs from their masters, and in return gave the elites the intellectual cover and philosophical underpinnings needed to justify their depredations.

Which brings us to this blog, and its reason for being.  My origins are humble and working class, and I have spent 52 years striving to make my way through this world, so I have had plenty of time and incentive to develop a deep and abiding resentment for these parasites.  Actually, you could say that I really hate those motherfuckers.  And I intend to let them know how I feel, in my own humble and pseudonymous way.

I don’t have any illusions about advancing the discourse, or elevating the discussion, or whatever fancy-assed term the media courtiers use when they want to elevate one of the hoi polloi to that most sacred level of sycophancy, that of a “serious” writer.  I simply intend to spew my bile on those who deserve it, and give praise to those who I feel are writing and doing worthwhile things.  Occasionally I will post a cool video or a kitten picture, but mostly I will be pontificating about politics, religion, books, movies, food, sex, music, history, philosophy, and gardening, as those are the things that most interest me.

Hopefully whoever reads this blog will enjoy it, and if you do (or don’t) I hope you will leave a comment or two.  However, I’m mainly doing this for me, and to work out my own neurotic complexes.  With any luck, I won’t get too distracted by…

Oh, look!  KITTIES!

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4 Responses to Emission Statement: or, I feel like I wouldn’t like me if I met me

  1. Nancy in Detroit says:

    You had me at kitten pictures.

    • Thanks, Nancy! You’re my very first commenter ever, so you win an extra-special, platinum-coated no-prize, which will be sent to you via UPS ground (so, expect to get it in six months or so).

  2. Tehanu says:

    See you all the time at TBogg and other snark sites, and usually agree with you … so have fun with this!

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